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Registration of Singapore SMS Sender ID

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Shared by Edward • January 04, 2023

Hi there,

Singapore SMS Sender ID Registry (SSIR)

From 31 January 2023, all organisations intending to use SMS Sender IDs to reach out to Singapore mobile users must register their Sender ID. If you are using Eber to reach out to your customer using Sender ID. Please complete your registration as early as possible. One-time fee and the annual fee are payable to SGNIC.

Product update

New Navigation Menu In XM Admin

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Shared by Edward • December 31, 2022

Hey there,

As Eber is pushing to become the leading Loyalty Marketing Platform.

One of our effort is to make our XM Admin UI more easier to navigate for you.

The menu and features are now arranged by following sections:

  • Home
  • Insights
  • People
  • Messaging
  • Loyalty (New)
  • Marketing (New)
  • Commerce (Renamed)
  • Feature & App Directory
  • Customer Portal (New)
  • Channels (Consolidated Features)
  • Settings

You can watch a quick intro from our Founder, Edward.

A brand new LOYALTY menu icon, which you can manage all aspects of your loyalty program such as membership, points, rewards.

Another new menu icon, MARKETING, which we put together all the marketing related features such as Referral, Listening, Survey, Smart Form and Gamification. If you have not set a feedback form or NPS scoring for your business, here is where you do it. Or talk to your customer success manager.

The COMMERCE menu holds all the eStore features now. Monetise your customer base with O2O commerce features like Gift Card and Voucher.

With this new UI enhancement, we hope to make you setting up and management of your program even more easier. So we can building a better experience for your customer together.

This change also setup the platform for us to push out more enhancement later this year. We hope you enjoy the new UI.